Hair Price Guide

Cutting & Styling
Straight Blow Dry Above Shoulders
Curly or Wavy Blowdry Above Shoulders
Straight Blow Dry Below Shoulders
Curly or Wavy Blowdry Below Shoulders
Wash & Cut*
From £50
Restyle Wash & Cut*
From £55
Cut & Blowdry Above Shoulders*
From £65
Cut & Blowdry Below Shoulders*
From £70
Restyle & Blowdry*
From £78
Hair Up **
From £75
Fringe Trim
Mens Cut & Finish
Boys Cut***
Girls Wash & Cut***
Girls Cut & Blowdry***

*Haircuts are subject to a surcharge for extra long or thick hair, £10 surcharge for curly/wavy blowdries

**Hair up is based on a 45 minute appointment surcharge will apply for longer appointments

***Pricing applies to under 12’s only, Tuesday – Friday until 4.30pm. Full price will be charged outside of these times or weekends. ID will be required on first visit

Colour Consultation
Toner Without Foiling Service*
From £55
Regrowth Tint**
From £65
Root Smudge**
From £70
Full Head Tint Above Shoulders*
From £85
Full Head Tint Below Shoulders*
From £120
Bleach Bath*
From £40
Scalp Bleach Regrowth**
From £100
Money Pieces & Toner (Upto 6 – 12 Foils)*
From £85
T-Section Highlights & Toner*
From £115
T-Section Babylights & Toner*
From £135
Half Head Highlights & Toner*
From £140
Half Head Babylights & Toner*
From £160
Full Head Highlights & Toner*
From £170
Full Head Babylights & Toner*
From £200
Balayage Above Shoulders & Toner*
From £200
Balayage Below Shoulders & Toner*
From £235
Ombre Above Shoulders & Toner*
From £200
Ombre Below Shoulders & Toner*
From £235
Colour Correction*
Scalp Treatment
Luxury Treatment
Luxury Mindfulness Experience Treatment
Olaplex Mini Treatment
Olaplex Super Service*
From £50
Keratin Blowdry Above Shoulders*
From £200
Keratin Blowdry Below Shoulders*
From £240
Hair Botox Above Shoulders*
From £200
Hair Botox Below Shoulders*
From £240

 All prices are ‘from’ as a guide, accurate quotation on consultation, final price is based on hair length and density

*New colour clients are required to book a Colour Consultation/ Patch test 48 hours prior to any bookings. All prices are ‘from’ as a guide, accurate quotation on consultation. Final price is based on hair length, hair density, existing artificial colour build up, desired result, existing condition and if a colour correction applies. Where relevant a surcharge may apply

 **Pricing based on under 2 inch regrowth, subject to a surcharge for larger roots 


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