Colour Correction

Colour correction is a process performed regularly at Kaimia Salon to rectify undesirable or incorrect hair colour results. It involves adjusting the existing hair colour to achieve the desired shade and result or to fix colour issues that may have arisen from previous hair colouring attempts or home box dyes. Hair colour correction can be a complex and delicate procedure, and it’s typically best left to experienced Hairstylists who have a high level of expertise in hair science, colour theory, and colour corrective techniques.

Colour correction
may be required for:

Fixing Uneven Colour

If the hair colour appears uneven or patchy due to improper application or overlapping of colour, a colour correction is generally needed to even out the colour distribution.

Correcting DIY Mishaps

If a home hair dye attempt didn’t turn out as expected, a colour correction can be done to restore the hair to its desired colour or fix any unintended results.

Going Lighter or Darker

Changing the hair colour to a significantly lighter or darker shade, a colour correction process is necessary to achieve the new colour while minimising damage to the hair.

Balancing Highlights and Lowlights

Colour Correction is also used to create a more balanced and natural look when highlights or lowlights have been overdone or placed improperly.

Removing Unwanted Tones

Sometimes, hair colour may turn brassy, too warm, or have unwanted undertones. Various factors can affect this including, incorrect homecare and also not maintaining toning appointments regularly. Colour correction will help to neutralise these tones and bring the hair colour back to the desired shade.



Hair Colour Correction may be achieved in one session or it could require multiple sessions, depending on the complexity of the issue. The level of artificial colour and the existing condition of the hair play a huge part in the process. The starting point of the hair is a key factor in how many sessions may be required. It’s essential to be cautious when attempting hair colour correction, as improper techniques or the use of harsh chemicals can further damage the hair, Patience and following proper aftercare are vital to maintain the corrected hair colour and overall hair health. 

If you’re in need of a Colour Correction book a Colour Consultation at Kaimia Salon in Hayes, Hillingdon. During the consultation, your Hair Stylist will assess the current hair condition, discuss the desired outcome, and formulate a plan to achieve your desired result, whilst minimising damage and preserving hair health. 

Book a Colour Consultation to discuss your Colour Correction, at our Hayes, Hillingdon Hair & Beauty salon

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