Balayage & Foilayage

Balayage or Foilayage are often favoured at Kaimia Salon due to the seamless blending technique, with no visible harsh regrowth line as you’d see with traditional Highlights or an all over colour. Balayage or Foilayage are a great for clients who are looking for a low maintenance hair colour option, as aside from regular toning appointments it requires less frequent touch ups in comparison to Highlights, Babylights or an all over colour.

Balayage is a popular freehand hair colouring technique where hair colour is applied by hand, rather than using traditional foiling highlighting methods. The colour is painted onto the hair in a way that creates a soft, natural, and sun-kissed effect. The application is typically focused mainly on the mid-lengths and ends, with the roots generally left untouched. This results in a seamless and low maintenance look as the hair grows out, making it a popular choice for those who prefer a more natural and lived-in hair colour.

Foilayage offers the best of both worlds, the control and lift of traditional foiling with the soft and natural results of balayage. The use of foils allows for a more targeted lift, making it suitable for those with darker hair who want to achieve lighter tones. It is a popular method used at Kaimia Salon by our professional Hair Colourists to achieve a blended and natural looking result. In this technique, foils are used to separate and isolate the sections of hair, however, instead of using a uniform pattern, like in traditional foiling, we perform a freehand painting technique inspired by Balayage. This allows for a more customised and natural looking application of colour.

These techniques allow for a bespoke hair colour that can be tailored to suit an individual’s features, skin tone, and hair texture. Various shades and tones can be used to achieve different effects, ranging from subtle and natural, to more, bold and dramatic looks. Like any hair colouring technique, it’s essential to have these techniques done by a skilled and experienced Hair Colourist to achieve the desired results effectively and most importantly for hair health.

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