Babylights & Highlights

Babylights and Highlights can be tailored to suit individual preferences and can be adapted to various hair colours and textures. Whether you prefer a more striking contrast or a softer finish, both techniques offer beautiful options for enhancing your hairs appearance. Highlights are wider sections of coloured hair, creating a bolder and more contrasting effect whereas Babylights are much finer and more natural looking, so an excellent option for those who want to add brightness and dimension to their hair without a bold stripy highlighted effect.

Highlights involve colouring sections of hair that are thicker and more noticeable than Babylights. They are often applied using a traditional foil technique. The selected sections are usually wider or chunkier in sections, and the contrast between the highlighted and natural hair colour is more pronounced.

Babylights, on the other hand, are much finer and subtler than highlights, the thin, delicate strands of colour blend seamlessly with the natural hair, resulting in a soft and subtle effect and provide a more natural look. They involve colouring very thin sections of hair, put simply, it’s about the amount of hair that’s being highlighted, smaller sections almost give the illusion of a subtle all over colour.

Babylights and Highlights are both hair colouring techniques used to add dimension and brightness to the hair. However, there are some key differences between the two techniques in terms of their application and overall effect, Babylights and Highlights can be applied with various shades, ranging from lighter to darker than the natural hair colour, depending on the desired effect.

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